Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic massage is a form of psychotherapeutic massage which is concerned with the integration of mind and body, it was developed by Gerda Boyesen.


Accumulated stress can play havoc with our mind and with our body.  Biodynamic Massage is designed to help us literally digest our stress, not just in our mind but also in our body.  I use different techniques and levels of touch to suit each person's needs and body type.

Biodynamic massage can be used to relieve stress and promote deep relaxation or to rejuvenate and revitalise when lacking energy. 


Biodynamic Massage is often used within Biodynamic Psychotherapy, to open up the richness of our inner world.  It can also be enjoyed by people not in psychotherapy. 

How is it different from other types of massage? 
  • As well as helping the body, it touches the whole person, feelings, mind and spirit. 
  • I can work either directly on the skin, or through light clothing, and I use no oil or powder.


Polarity Therapy Bodywork 

This approach to health and healing - originally developed by Dr Randolph Stone - employs a profound system that blends both Eastern and Western concepts of health.  Polarity Therapy  deals with the whole person - mentally, emotionally and physically - and gently assists your body to heal itself naturally. 


Polarity Therapy addresses many different levels: subtle energy; nervous, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, myofascial, respiratory and digestive systems; as well as the emotional and mental levels.


Polarity Therapy bodywork uses a series of subtle and/or deep qualities of touch, which allows your energy system to seek balance through facilitating previously unconscious 'tissue memory' to surface.


The process incorporates three levels of touch - 'very light', 'stimulating', and 'deep'.  This process can be relaxing and restorative and can also allow emotional and personal issues to surface and become clearer.