Biodynamic Psychotherapy


a body orientated Psychotherapy 

which includes

 Body Psychotherapy and  Biodynamic Massage

Our life story is held in our body, our biography becomes our biology.  Body Psychotherapy, Vegetotherapy and Massage works to release you from the past experiences that are holding you back, to help you become more present in the now and to free your physical and emotional blocks to enable you to live a more vibrant, conscious and fulfilling life. 

Moving through the chaos of the unconscious, we find pockets of order and stability.  Connecting to that core of order in ourselves is a joyous and empowering experience, which often takes place beyond the realm of words. 

Finding ourselves 'at home' in our body, we come in touch with our innermost strengths as well as working through past hurtful experiences.  We learn to listen to our inner voice, to find our personal truth for this present moment, and so become more fully who we are, in all our complexity and beauty.   

How is it different from other psychotherapy?

Biodynamic therapy works with body, mind and spirit as one, helping you to feel and know your body as your 'home'.  The aim is to re-awaken your natural capacity for health, well-being and pleasure, and reconnect you to the riches hidden in your unconscious, so you can become more fully the person you truly are.  
I work not just with your words and with the feelings and impulses that arise through our working together, but also with your sensations, images, movement and with touch, including massage. Exploring the sensations in your body can re-awaken your 'forgotten' emotional reality. All this can help you understand your present life in the light of your earlier experience, and find more satisfying ways of relating to others. 

Why does Biodynamic Therapy work with the body? 

Emotional feelings are also processes happening in the body, and should leave no trace in the body once they are over.  But repressed emotions stay held in the body, unconscious and unrecognised.  Biodynamic therapy gently re-awakens these past experiences so you can resolve them, both in your conscious mind and by literally digesting them (psycho-peristalsis) in your intestines.

Transpersonal dimensions

If the life force is in harmony and in full flow it gives a feeling of wellbeing and can come into contact with oceanic feelings, with cosmic dimensions and spiritual experiences. This transformation can be experienced as universal life.

Biodynamic Vegetotherapy

This method gives you the opportunity to experience restrained impulses and to express them in movement, feelings, sounds, memories, images.  Insights can emerge.  You are focused on what is unfinished and is held back, to liberate and to appropriate for use in everyday life.  This  can lead to a feeling of a new, healthier self-awareness.